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Before shopping was a matter of a few clicks
, it was a venture of bringing something home.A jar of pickle, handmade silver jewellery or a silk saree that gets passed on generations - when we bought something, we brought its culture with us.
Vibecity believes in bringing together passionate creators and people looking for products with stories. We are keeping alive the spirit of craftsmanship through customers who are in search of alternatives to fast commerce. From artisans and craftsmen to simply anyone who loves to create - all of them come together at Vibecity to make a place where creativity comes first.
Vibecity is about taking shopping back to its roots. It’s a marketplace where a community of creators trade their skills and craft to appreciating customers.We are online, but entirely human.
Abhinav Prakash
An IIT Kanpur Alumni, Abhinav is responsible for strategizing all aspects and overseeing the bigger picture. He is also a trained classical singer, who spends a lot of time on his piano.
Parth Pratik
Responsible for designing and shipping out technology that makes Vibecity successful, Parth is a gifted product guy who is also a dad to three cats. And no, he doesn’t think that’s too many cats.
Ankit Abhishek
Responsible for growing the marketplace as a whole, he’s a business wiz who is passionate about cars and spiritual texts. His day is incomplete without the latest tech updates.
Abhinav Jain
Software engineer by profession, mechanic at heart. Abhinav contributes to the engineering org, building upon his humbling experiences from his prior 3 startups. Also considers fin-tech a “hobby”.
Prateek Agarwal
Prateek takes care of all that is UI and Android. A DA-IICT alumni with over 7yrs of tech experience. A beginner level violinist and avid reader, with love for fiction.
Sreshti Verma
Sreshti is an award winning writer with 5+ years experience in leading content development. A self-proclaimed shopaholic, she is also our in-house encyclopedia of random facts.
Rishabh Giri
A product manager with 5+ years of experience, Rishabh does the near impossible task of bringing ideas and technology together. Being a pahaadi, he loves mountains and road tripping.
Anusha Kulkarni
Actively responsible for bringing and engaging unique creators, Anusha also looks after Vibecity social media. She’s a serial Instagram scroller who slacklines on weekends.
Ruchit Rastogi
Ruchit is a voracious writer with a talent of spinning words that is hard to find. If you don't find him at his work desk, he is either trekking to unknown parts of India or on the football field.
Swapnil Parida
Responsible for onboarding creators on Vibecity and coming up with social media campaigns. Swapnil is always thinking about food, and loves football and cricket equally.
Nishant Chakraborty
With over 5 years of experience in business development and partnerships, Nishant is known for making friends instead of clients. When he isn’t closing deals, he spends time riding his bike, dancing and cooking Bengali food.
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay is responsible for onboarding creative brands on Vibecity. He’s been working in business development and partnerships for 5 years, and is also an avid traveller who mainly travels for food.
Shreya Sen
Designer and video editor by day, Shreya spends her free time in search of good stories. If not available on call, she is busy talking to her plants and can only be lured away with good coffee.
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