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Sant Eknath Maharaj
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One day Eknath decided to go on a yatra and he set out on a yatra with few others who joined him. Eknath performed Bhajans and pravachans wherever he went. When the finished the yatra and returning to Paithan with Ganga theertham, they got stuck in a place where there was no water and all of them were thirsty. Even though they had water in hand they did not use that as it was Ganga theertham and that it was supposed to be used only for religious purpose and not for quenching thirst. They then found a donkey lying down in an unconscious state due to thirst and heat. Seeing the donkey dying Eknath felt bad and moved forward to give his Ganga theertham to it so as to prevent it from dying. The others who were with him said that he should not do that as this water was supposed to be used only for religious purpose. Eknath then said that there was no better deed that saving the life of someone and that he would give it to the donkey and save it from death. Hearing this, the others left him behind and started moving forward as they dint approve of his action. Eknath then gave the water to the donkey. As Eknath was feeding the donkey it turned out to be Vitthal. He then prostrated to Vitthal and asked him why he did this leela. Vitthal then told him that he wanted to show the world that Eknath sees every living being in this world as Vitthal and hence did this leela. Eknath then returned back home. . These little stories motivate you to believe that there is nothing greater than helping each other. - The painting is made on watercolour paper (400GSM) Customisation in watercolour paper/canvas is available. - Acrylic colours are used to make this painting - The painting is varnish coated for water resistant surface. Frame not included in pricing
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India based artist and an art educator, Karan Nandaniya, has been honing his skills in canvas paintings for the past several years. Karan is a self taught artist who is exploring and experimenting wit... read more
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